Happy New Year Web Script Using PHP and JavaScript

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Happy New Year Web Script Using PHP and JavaScript

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Features of Happy New Year Web Script

You can easily set the countdown time to any date. ( Here in default I have set it to happy new year 2019, you can change it so you can use this code every year )

No need to enter your name again to create share link on WhatsApp with your name.

 You have to enter your name only at the time of opening the webpage. The name will be stored in a JavaScript variable and that variable will be passed on the URL parameter ( GET method )

There will be messages like Hey John! happy new year. Harry wishes you a happy new year. You can change the texts easily.

In the background, there will be cool firework where you can change each and every functionality of the firework particles

Happy new year web script will be floating on the Space so you can see moving background stars in the background which is made with pure CSS and JavaScript

I have set a cool font in this script. But this can be changed very easily. You can use your own downloaded font or whatever you want

You can customize the message that will be shared in Whatsapp along with the shareable link

Finally, you can use this cool web script for any event you want because you can fully customize this web application. You can change each part separately because I have documented and commented between lines of code to easily make you understood

On completion of the countdown, you can set your own custom message that will be shown.

By default, everything is perfectly set to wish happy new year and share the link with one click on Whatsapp

The receiver of the shared link will get the webpage with the wisher name in cool style

Ad Space is provided so you can add AdSense or any other advertising in this  New year script.

To learn more go to https://www.codespeedy.com/happy-new-year-php-script-javascript

I want this!
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